Invoice Factoring

Mrs. M manufactures plastic storage products.

She has just delivered a large order to a Plastic Retail Centre but she will need to wait 60 days to receive her payment from her customer.  She received great news the day before with another huge order placed but when Mrs M checked the numbers her happiness was short-lived.

Mrs M does not have enough money to buy the materials she needs to manufacture this large order.  She needs working capital (CASH); fast and efficiently!

Mrs M can approach her local banks but this can be a long, tiresome and stressful process with a number of limitations.  She will most probably also not receive the full amount she requires.

How can Finrock Capital help Mrs M and your business?

Finrock will buy Mrs M’s invoices and give her the cash upfront so that she does not have to wait for her customers to pay her.

Finrock will provide her with the full debtor collection service (sending out statements and collecting payments from her customers on due date).

Mrs M will receive valuable credit risk information on her customers and where necessary support with the legal collection process.

Mrs M

Mrs M will have the support of a highly skilled, client focused and values driven team, dedicated to making her business grow and be more profitable.

Keep watching this space …. to be continuedPlastic containers