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SME Market

SME’s are a vital part of the South African economy. The top 5 industries in the SME market are manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, information technology and tourism. These industries are vital to South Africa and its people and the circle of demand and supply...

What is Invoice Factoring and how can Finrock help my business?

Invoice Factoring Mrs. M manufactures plastic storage products. She has just delivered a large order to a Plastic Retail Centre but she will need to wait 60 days to receive her payment from her customer.  She received great news the day before with another huge order...

More cashflow means:

  • increased bulk orders which will be at better prices thereby increasing your profit
  • early payment to your suppliers and earning better settlement discounts
  • having capital available to fund new contracts and customers having the capital available to fund this growth.

Spend your time growing your business rather than chasing debt.

  • Free up your team from collecting debt, so that they can focus on growing your business
  • Credit administration of your outstanding invoices will be provided, free of charge

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