You will be granted a factoring facility after a simple application process. A facility is granted within 72 hours of receiving the completed application.


Your customers’ outstanding invoices will be uploaded to Finrock.


After a short due diligence with your customers, we will advance up to 75% of the balance outstanding for your eligible customers.


Thereafter, you conclude a sale and deliver the goods and services. The invoice and proof of delivery are uploaded to Finrock.


You can elect which invoices you would require us to advance against (factored invoices). If you do not require the cashflow, we will continue to provide, free of charge, the debtor administration and collection of non-factored invoices.


Within 24 hours you receive up to 75% of the invoice value, less our fee, paid into your bank account.


At month end, your dedicated credit controller will submit a statement to your customers and when the invoice is settled we will refund the 25% residual balance of the invoice to you.

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